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Rockin the Home Town with Christopher Giles

There’s hardly a time – especially when traveling – when I don’t have my camera.

So, on a recent trip to our hometown of Sanford, FL, I was able to take advantage of the cobble streets and open spaces that our hometown has to offer – by photographing a talented, driven and genuine musician: Christopher Giles.

His social media following alone shows he’s business savvy, his responses to his fans shows he cares, and his latest single shows he’s ready to rise the charts. To describe his music, I’ll grab a line from his website, “Chris’s romantic and passionate nature led him to Soul and R & B, still being his favorite genre to this day. His larger than life personality, desire to move and be moved by the power of music also led him to appreciate the rock genre as well. These influential aspects of music have manifested into soulful, passionate lyrics with a powerful delivery.”

And now, we’ve crafted some visuals to match.


  • SCI 2-15 01_ChrisGiles-154-Edit
  • SCI 2-15 01_ChrisGiles-199-Edit
  • SCI 2-15 01_ChrisGiles-284-Edit
  • SCI 2-15 01_ChrisGiles-416
  • SCI 2-15 01_ChrisGiles-465-Edit
  • SCI 2-15 01_ChrisGiles-485
  • SCI 2-15 01_ChrisGiles-539-Edit
  • SCI 2-15 01_ChrisGiles-546


And man… I sure do love a rusted out car.

(Backstory on the car… we were headed to another location when I spotted the rusted out car near a garage. Christopher was game, so we pulled over. I didn’t want to draw attention, so we shot with available light, and man, we really happened to be there at just the right time.)