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Time Capsule

A couple of days ago, I noticed a new Facebook feature that reminds us of our status update from one year prior.  Egocentric?  Probably.  Unnecessary? Most definitely.  But nostalgic nonetheless.

The widget read, “On this day in 2010, my status update was:  BEST MARTINI SHOT, EVER!

I couldn’t help but smile.

On September 3rd, 2010, we had just finished four very productive, but exhausting days of shooting on the island of Oahu.  After working with Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, we were on our way back to the hotel when we decided to pull over and get one last shot (aka, the martini shot).  One our Production Assistants, Josh, disclosed to us that he played the ukulele and agreed to let us record him perform.  As our small crew of 8 hovered, Josh proceeded to play the dwarfed instrument.  The highs and lows of the week, the exhaustion from nearly sleepless nights, the bonds we’d formed had swelled to this single moment.

Sitting.  Listening.  Loving what we do for all it is.

While I’m proud of what we created from those four days in Hawaii, I take even greater pride in the memories (and new friends) we made.