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Brand Update: photography, website and graphics

Julie was approaching her 10-year anniversary and wanted her visuals to reflect the modern, tech-savvy clientele she’s recruiting. It’s not often that I get to create/update a brand identity with design and visuals, so I jumped at the opportunity.

We systematically upgraded her logo, website, social media channels and print materials to reflect her bold, clean, professional but personalized style. We blocked out a day to shoot 5 different setups as well as city backplates to incorporate quotes for a cohesive, bold look.


  • BES Website by Jen Serena
    BES Website by Jen Serena
  • BES Website by Jen Serena
    BES Website by Jen Serena
  • BES Design by Jen Serena
    BES Design by Jen Serena





  • SerenaCreative 2016 03_JulieBallardLebe-0228-Edit
  • Julie Ballard-Lebe by Jen Serena
    Julie Ballard-Lebe by Jen Serena
  • Julie Ballard-Lebe by Jen Serena
    Julie Ballard-Lebe by Jen Serena
  • Julie Ballard-Lebe by Jen Serena
    Julie Ballard-Lebe by Jen Serena



Images that MOVE

Audrey K Boutique was chosen to be one of the vendors for the Disneyland Dapper Day Expo… quite an honor! And one that she needed to capitalize on.

We had a very short timeframe to create an image that would stand out amongst the competition to showcase her beautiful, retro, but somewhat edgy style. She chose a model that could pull off a retro look and her original clothing designs, and I suggested instead of making a single static image, that we create an animated GIF to pull the viewers’ eye.


(click on the image to start animation.) 


Plus, we got a few awesome stills while we were at it.


  • SCI 2015 07_AudreyK-0295-Edit
  • SCI 2015 07_AudreyK-0253-Edit

BEHIND THE SCENES NOTE: With our quick turn-around and limited pre-pro, we opted to shoot on white so we could decide the best dress & action on set and add background color and logo in post. Definitely a good choice!

MODEL: Winter Fate
WARDROBE: Audrey K Boutique


Contact Jen (  818.568.4976) for ideas on how to creatively tell your photography story within your budget

See more of Jen’s creative commercial work

The Muir Project: redesign

We began the John Muir Trail almost a year ago, and the journey continues…


  • We’ve launched our new website.  (Which was an unwelcome task, but it allowed Jen to add a few more stylistic elements. So what started as a painful chore, became a great opportunity to revisit the imagery and give it a new life.) Check it out and let us know what you think.



  • Our event at Adventure 16 on July 6th is fast approaching. We’ll be showing a new behind-the-scenes piece, and showcasing a bunch of 20×60″ and 20×120″ panoramics from the trail.
  • We’re sending out regular correspondence, and yes, now we’re tweeting… @themuirproject.  Head to the website and join the mailing list if you’d like to receive updates.
  • We’ve been so blessed by the tremendous response that The Muir Project has been getting, and only hope it will continue to rise as we enter the festival submission phase.


In Print

It’s always exciting to see your work in a new light, and there’s something magical about seeing your work come alive in print.

Images and visuals we created for The Muir Project and our documentary, Mile, Mile & a Half, are now being reborn as canvas prints are being made, and promotional DVDs and packages.

Check out:

the first 20×60″ print for one of the images from the trail (to be used in our upcoming A16 exhibit on 7.6. It was on one of the rare rainy days, but has such a lovely dream-like quality.:


and the temp logo, DVDs for the rough cut & business cards:


When you’re able to see your work in a new way, it keeps it all fresh.

So here’s to new beginnings and coming to life IN PRINT!



It Was A very Good Year

File it under the category “Better Late Than Never.”  Just barely mailing before the end of February (thank goodness it was a Leap Year) we sent out our New Year’s cards.

It’s always fun to reflect on the creative and personal projects we were able to produce throughout the year, and these cards allow us to do that, while we start to think about where we want to go in the year ahead. It’s also time-consuming… hence the oh-so-late mailing.

Ric has been directing for new clients and we’ve had the opportunity to work together on a few more assignments. OurJMT: The Muir Project was a big undertaking in 2011 and will continue to be a focus for us this year. The delightful Iz continues to amaze and enchant us, and inspires us to explore more, try new ideas and just be better people. Hopefully, we are up to the challenge.



TY 2011

Mile… Mile & A Half

We did not leave adventure on the John Muir Trail.  Today, one year after we secured the permits for our amazing adventure last July, we’re releasing the first official trailer for our documentary, MILE…MILE & A HALF.