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Kevin Can Wait

Ric headed to NYC to co-direct the Kevin James’ spots for CBS’s Kevin Can Wait featuring former character Doug interacting with the “new” Kevin. Good stuff.








Directed by Ric Serena & Andy Fickman Client/Agency: CBS On-Air Promotions CBS Creative Directors: Matt Hernandez, Chris Cranner & Ron Mulligan Producer: Romi Laine Director of Photography: David Waterston Art Director: Niamh Byrne First AD: Christopher Bicknell Production Company: Moving Parts, Inc. Editor: Ric Serena, Serena Creative Compositing & Rotoscoping – Susan Yoon

Nickelodeon: Danger & Thunder

Check out Ric’s latest directing gig for Nickelodeon: a promo for the cross-over shows between Henry Danger and The Thunderman’s.

Perfect mix of polish and fun.


Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 9.33.31 AM

Directed by Ric Serena

Nickelodeon’s Danger & Thunder


PS: As an added bonus, I was asked to grab BTS of the day. Good times watching Ric work.




Eleven Year Itch

Last year, I had the chance to direct some quick comedies with Bob Dassie & Stephnie Weir.  The two are veterans ofSecond City and currently make up the comedy team, WeirDass.  Stephnie was also a regular on the comedy series,MadTV.

The six short films (each around 1 minute in length) explore some of the subtle (and not so subtle) nuiances of living with with your loved one.  We shot six, and each one strikes a nerve in different audiences for different reasons.  I love that about comedy.  It’s rare that you’re going to make EVERYONE laugh ALL the time, so the goal for me is finding the right tone and committing to it.  Bob & Steph were so wonderful to work with, and their talent and comedic timing set the stage from the beginning.  I found it hard to not laugh out loud on set.