Intern Wrap-Up

We were so sad to see Odessa go, and just as choked up when she sent in this blog post.  Wishing her HUGE success in whatever she tackles in life.

A few words to remember her by…

Over the past four months I’ve been interning with Jen at Ric at Serena Creative. During this time I’ve learned a lot about different aspects of film and photography. During my first few weeks here I was able to go on set for a Survivor Promo shoot with Ric. I also spent a great deal of time working on a documentary. This was where I learned the most of filming and production on a smaller scale. I was able to spend a lot of time with Ric watching him work and learning from how he went about executing this project. It was great to be able to work so closely with someone who’s very talented and knowledgeable.

Ric and I also worked on a short animation. I had never done anything like that before and it was cool to see the process. It was also fun to figure out how to make it fit into the film. Problem solving is something that I enjoy and being able to partner on this and work to create something that turned out really well was awesome. I also find that a lot of film and photography requires creative problem solving and this challenge is really fun.

I was also able to assist Jen on a ton of photo shoots. We shot out on the trails of Griffith Park, in more urban locations around LA, in studio, and on location at a corporation. I got to see how Jen worked in all these different situations and how to think outside of the box. We were able to get shots that were unique even on location without any props. Jen’s eye picks up on all the cool things around her and knows how to translate it into an awesome photo. The time I was able to spend with her taught me a lot about how to look at things but also how to be practical and efficient.

I spent a lot of time on the production side of things, but I also got to do a lot of work in pre-production. One of my big tasks was working on researching things from potential sponsors for projects to other companies in the industry. This was a really important skill to learn because it taught me how to be organized and build a project from the ground up.

To round things out, I also did some post-production work and assisted Ric with editing. I learned some of the basics of using avid and feel more comfortable approaching a picture editing project now.

Overall, my experience interning at Serena Creative was AWESOME! I learned a lot and had a ton of fun. Jen and Ric taught me a lot and made sure I got what I wanted out of the experience. They are by far the best people to work with and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


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