Eleven Year Itch

Last year, I had the chance to direct some quick comedies with Bob Dassie & Stephnie Weir.  The two are veterans ofSecond City and currently make up the comedy team, WeirDass.  Stephnie was also a regular on the comedy series,MadTV.

The six short films (each around 1 minute in length) explore some of the subtle (and not so subtle) nuiances of living with with your loved one.  We shot six, and each one strikes a nerve in different audiences for different reasons.  I love that about comedy.  It’s rare that you’re going to make EVERYONE laugh ALL the time, so the goal for me is finding the right tone and committing to it.  Bob & Steph were so wonderful to work with, and their talent and comedic timing set the stage from the beginning.  I found it hard to not laugh out loud on set.







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