You Never Know When or How…

Yesterday, we attended Artwalk at the Brewery and stopped by to visit our friend, DAVE LEFNER.  It’s been a year since I shot a short documentary on Dave and three years since our friendship began when he made a piece for Jen (my thank you gift to her for our daughter).

Dave is one of the most inspiring people I’ve met.  Hardworking.  Talented.  Compassionate.  It brought me great joy to work on his documentary, to somehow be attached to his process if only by observing.

A few months after the documentary had been posted online, Dave received an amazing gift which he in turn shared with me.  He’d relayed that he was having a particularly down day (something we’re all susceptible to) when a package arrived in the mail.  It was a large manilla enveloped stuffed full.  In it, a letter from a middle school teacher in Tennessee about teaching her students the process of reduction linocuts; and in her research, stumbled on the documentary I’d directed.  She watched and decided to share it with her class.  Afterward, her students came up with the idea to create their own pieces and send them to Dave along with their own personal messages.  The envelope was filled with the classroom’s work.


I was done.  The story had me welling up.  It was an amazing feeling to hear Dave tell this story and to know I’d been a part of that.  You never quite know how or when your work will reach people.  Like Dave’s process, it sometimes requires a lot of patience.  But the the payoff is worth the wait.


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